About us

Sailmaker De Wit started as an one-man business. In 1971 fabricating sails for (competition)sailboats, motorboathoods and cabriolethoods was the main goal.

10 years later the watersport clients definetly were over. The clients were changed to the more industrial work. This change was a big asset for the company. Due to the industrial work we started to grow very fast.

Oilbooms and hose floats

Not only sails were made at the beginning, but also oilbooms were produced. Due to our years of experience in making oilbooms, we decided to produce hose floats too. For over 45 years we are producing oilbooms, hose floats and sails. The Flootzer hose floats is offered as a high quality product. Several test are done before selling the product.

Sailmaker De Wit