Hose Float

Flootzer hose floats are made to keep your hoses afloat. Several names can be used for this type of floater. Cable floats, pipe float, hose floats or the Flootzer is one of the names you can find. There is no difference in usage. They all have one thing in common and that is to keep the hoses afloat.

The hose float, made by Sailmaker De Wit, are inflatable floaters made of strong PVC material. For every weight there will be a hose. Even when you acces to a very heavy hose, we are able to produce a strong and decent hose float. The big advantage of inflatable hose floats is, that they do not take much space when they are not in use. Inflate the floaters at the workspace and the job can be done.

As you can see the name, the hose float keeps your hoses afloat. At each project we will look at the circumstances. Every project is unique. The amount of Flootzers needed will be calculated on the base of the given data. For further information about our hose floats, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hose Floats, floaters in different types

Two different types of hose floats are available at Sailmaker De Wit. The first type is a hose float with only one floater. The hose will be attached under the floater. The other type consists of two seperate floaters attached by a piece of PVC to each other. Our Flootzer Hose Float 600, which is the one with two floaters, is the most frequently used. It can hold a hose up to 600 kilogram.

Depending on the situation an offer will be made. The weight of the hose, but also the length is important. On this bases we can look for the best option for your project.

Hose floats are mostly used in shallow waters. At coasts and lakes the Flootzer hose float is used frequently. The big advantage of inflatable hose floats is, that the hose will no longer be in contact with the soil. Big rocks will be avoided and damage or even leakage are no longer necessarily. Use our floaters to keep your hoses afloat.

Flootzer Hose float CAD