Hose Floats

By using hose floats, Flootzer as we mentioned them, hoses can be kept afloat. These floaters are used for buoyancy support to keep your hoses, cables or pipelines afloat. Our floats are made of strong PVC material. At normal usage the pressure in the floaters is negligible. So even when the temperature is rising our hose floats can extend high temperatures. Due to higher temperatures the cylinders will expand, so the pressure will be higher. But tests showed us that our Flootzer can extend these circumstances.

A big advantage of inflatable floaters is the saving of space when not in use. The hose floats can be inflated at the workspace for optimal usage. Due to the years of experience Sailmaker De Wit can produce strong hose floats.

Flootzer hose float 1000                   Flootzer hose float 600


Especially in shallow waters the hose float is used. So at lakes and near the coast. The hoses are moved from the ship or platform to the quay or otherwise. Our inflatable floaters keeps the hoses afloat. They do not longer have to be dragged accros the bottom. This is not only hard to do, but it can also cause damage.

Hose float keeps your float afloat

Because the hoses are no longer in contact with the bottom, damage will be reduced. Big rocks will be avoid with our Flootzer hose float. When the project is done the floats can be deflated. When the next project will be there the Flootzers can be used again.

Before our Flootzer hose floats are placed on the market, they are tested. This will be done to offer a strong and high quality product. We do not want that our Flootzer hose float will collapse. The floaters are used at very low pressures, but even at high pressures our inflatable floats will survive. So keep your hoses afloat with our hose floats.